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November 15, 2010



i have never commented here before, but your path is very familiar to me, though my family is a few years down the road from you. my children are 8, 6, and 4, and i'm five moons into growing another. i want to tell you that these skills you are developing are so valuable, and the work you are doing, while hard, is so important and your wee ones are so lucky to have these values instilled upon them from infancy. no matter what your financial future holds for you, what you are doing is noble and righteous, and while i hope there is a nest egg in your future, i pray you always value your path.


I don't know how to say this without sounding trite and phony, but I *really* love this series, how you are showing How You Do It, not How It's Done. So many blogs (mine, too, I think) fall into the latter category, and it can be exhausting, clicking from one to the next, another "Here's how to live, raise your children, etc." post. I know that most people really are just trying to say "Here's how we do it", but it can so often come across as, "And how you should do it, too". And that is sometimes frustrating, annoying, and off-putting! I meal plan. I am religious about it. I have been doing it for more than four years. But ... I started because that was something I perceived would help us in our circumstances at that time. And, it did. And if it's helpful to others, I'm happy to share it with them. But you don't meal plan! We're different, and yet the same.

Also, we make more than $1300 a month now, but for a long time we didn't. At the time I didn't realize it was even "hard" -- although we did accrue debt during that time that I wish we hadn't -- but we make more than that now, and I notice that although we have more people, and a bigger place to live, our lifestyle is virtually the same. I love that you are being so frank here. This is such a good series.


I, too, have been following your blog for a while now but (I don't think?) I've ever commented. I just wanted to chime in and say how much I love and appreciate this series you're doing. As someone who is living on a strict budget, I find myself stressing about food (I aim for 80% of my diet to be made by my hands). Plus, living in an expensive city, it's hard! So yeah, I've enjoyed your words and I've related to you on so many different situations and thoughts. I look forward to your next posts!


I can't wait to see more about what you eat. I'm always wondering how other families do it. We spend sooo much on food and eat very healthy. But we have no access to CSAs or co-ops of any sort here, so we end up spending too much each month. I just had my fifth baby and I have breastfed them all, but my first I also had to wean when pregnant and my supply dropped and I wasn't gaining weight-I was a size 0 at 5 months pregnant and it killed me to put her on formula (they were 13 months apart). And then with my son, he had dairy issues and I did have anyone to tell me it was not actually killing him and that I could just cut dairy out of my diet, unlike what my doctor said. I had to put him on formula at 2 months old. I still feel guilt over this and I know I could not have financially made it without WIC at the time. Breastfeeding is so much cheaper!


thank you (again) for sharing this aspect of your story; it is a gift of awareness and expansion of thinking and feeling. invaluable, really.

Xylina Weaver

Chelsea-I stumbled upon your blog and have enjoyed the last few posts. I wanted to share with you a resource I just learned of. On facebook there is a page called "Eats on Feets" a take on meals on wheels. It's a local resource for breastmilk. I also run into mothers who have milk in their freezer they can't use or don't need. It might be an option for you guys at least for the next few months.

Maybe I'll see you soon!!!


holly c.

Thank you for sharing.


thank you for sharing, i can't wait to read more about what you eat. We have a lot a similar life style too. Thank you for taking your time to give us a different point of view.It really is a guide to us!!

Blessing to you and your loves one



What lucky boys you have!
I know how it goes with your story. Both the good and the bad, but mostly it is good. It is amazing what we can do when we put careful thought into the shape of our lives.
A few posts back I read a book you recommended and would love to return the favor. If you are in need of a good title ever just let me know and I'll try and come up with something (you haven't read before).


So I'm new here, I came to read this particular blog when I saw it posted on Parenting Passageway. Please do tell what you eat during the week. I'm having a hard time myself figuring out how to keep the prices down. Yes, I think that food can be worth spending a bit of money on, but I know we struggle because we really do need that money to pay our mortgage, occasional emergency things, etc. So I'm in search of super nourishing, super cheap meals too.

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