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January 20, 2014



What a powerful piece. You write so beautifully. I can understand and identify with all of this, because I watched my own husband grieve the death of his father almost 6 years ago and I watch still as he wakes from dreams of him that linger in his waking hours for days afterwards.




this is beautiful, chelsea.


Amazing piece of writing! Just glorious, loved it.


This is the most beautiful thing I think I've read in a very long time. He's lucky to have you, and your insight, by his side. Must go and share, share, share!


I've been reading your blog for some months and it's very inspiring, the way you see and describe things and daily life.
Thank you for sharing, especially this post.
So touching and powerful at the same time..



A truly beautiful post. How lucky is your husband to have such a poetic and beautiful person as a partner and vise-versa.


Very deep, Chelsea. Beautful. Thought-provoking. Tom would be proud, as I am. I hope you keep writing from your experiences. You are so beautiful!

Brienne Moody

This is a post that I'll be thinking about for some time. Thank you for taking the time to write it and for sharing it. I look forward to reading your books one day.


This is so beautiful. You are an amazing writer.

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